If you've ever watched Reality Bites and found yourself thinking, hey, this would make an excellent 30-minute sitcom on NBC, good news: The Ben who is not Batman, Ben Stiller, is turning Reality Bites into a 30-minute sitcom on NBC. Welcome to the winter of our discontent, world.

Stiller, who directed and starred in the film, has teamed up with original writer Helen Childress to bring the concept to television, and he will stay on as producer throughout the series. According to Deadline, the intention is to base the show on the film, even including main character Lelaina Pierce (played by Winona Ryder in the movie):

It centers on recent college graduate Lelaina Pierce, the character played in the movie by Ryder, as she struggles to make her way — romantically and professionally — in the recession-plagued, pre-Internet early 1990s. Set in Houston, the show, and Lelaina herself with her video camera, chronicles the lives of her “slacker” friends with whom she shares an apartment.

It kind of sounds like early Friends, if Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe were pseudo-hipsters and one of them covered Violent Femmes songs in Central Perk on a regular basis under the pseudonym "Hey, That's My Bike!" while the rest talked deeply about Quarter Pounders with cheese.

In other words: It'll probably do well.

[via Deadline]