Not long after the George Zimmerman verdict was announced, a video began circulating on Twitter of a "riot" in Miami. The video footage actually came from a 2011 scene when Vancouver lost to Boston in the Stanley Cup. The YouTube clip has since been taken down by the user who posted it.

What did happen last night, is that hundreds of people in major American cities gathered to voice their anger at the not-guilty verdict handed down by the Florida jury last night. They gathered in San Francisco's Mission District, in New York's Union Square, in D.C.'s downtown, in Chicago's Daley Plaza. They gathered in downtown Tallahassee, in Miami, in Los Angeles, in Atlanta.

Demonstrators across the city decried the verdict's validation that black life goes unprotected in America. They carried signs asking for "justice for Trayvon," wondering "who's next?"

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Thanks to Libeth Morales for sharing photos from the L.A. demonstrations.

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