Victor Joseph Espinoza is a pretty intimidating figure. Now, that intimidating figure will be placed in the company of other intimidating figures, as the convicted gang member was sentenced to 32 months in jail for sniffing a 10-year-old boy's arm. The 56-year-old Santa Ana, Calif. resident plead guilty to false imprisonment for the October 2012 incident. What defense could he possibly have?

The victim and his 19-year-old cousin were reportedly traveling to Santa Ana's Delhi Park when they were approached by the 425-pound Espinoza. He allegedly asked the boy if he wanted to see his gang tattoo, then grabbed the boy's arm and disturbingly inhaled. The victim and his cousin reported the incident to the victim's soccer coach, who somehow managed to tackle Espinoza, but was understandably unable to pin him to the ground. 

Prison food will not bode well for Espinoza's waistline.

[via LAist]