Blizzard is celebrating the third anniversary of StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty by expanding the game’s starter edition. All three races are now unlocked and increased XP given for a limited time. Blizzard also says it will be introducing a host of new features that will appeal to both current and new players of the game for it’s upcoming third birthday.

If you still haven't bought StarCraft 2, then check out the starter edition single player or use it to play against friends who already own the game, and be woefully defeated, using the spawning feature released earlier this year. Players can now see the perspectives of the Zerg and Protoss races that were previously locked to the free edition. A 25 percent XP boost will give players the chance to grab achievements and to level up your character either through multiplayer modes, verses A.I., or training mode.

Commemorating 15 years of StarCraft, Blizzard is also releasing a series of special edition wallpapers to spread across your desktop like a warm layer of Protoss blood. Head over to and get your free gaming on. Happy hunting.

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