Police in Oakland, Calif. have arrested a suspect in connection with the murder of two Wingstop employees. The shooting occurred around midnight when two suspects clad in construction worker vests began arguing with employees and one of them opened fire. There were several other employees and customers inside the restaurant at the time or the shooting, and both victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say robbery was not a motive, and both suspects fled  from the restaurant without taking any money. Oakland Police Department spokeswoman Johnna Watson called the shooting "an extremely unfortunate crime," adding "These are two people who were at work. They were doing their job, and unfortunately they were killed while they were doing it, so we are going to be working with the community, not only through prevention, but education and awareness as well."

The murders occurred mere hours following the Oakland police's announcement that they were increasing patrols in the area due to "multiple robberies and robbery attempts during late-night and early-morning hours when the park is closed to the public."

The victims are two men in their 20s from Richmond, Calif. The name of the man in custody has not been released.

[via SFGate]