Microsoft's Surface team might have their work cut out for them this year. According to a report, the company has shifted work on their smartwatch over to the Surface team, after other prototypes have been developed under an Xbox accessories team.
Prototypes so far have been reportedly covered in 'translucent aluminum,' which is supposed to be three times harder than glass. That could mean this baby might get pretty expensive. Accessories for the watch may feature colored wristbands that will be removable—which is an especially good idea, since a smartwatch does blur the lines between fashion and technology. You're going to have to match it with a number of outfits, so switching bands to different colors would do the trick. 
If reports hold up, the Surface designed smartwatch should run a modified version of Windows 8, come with a 1.5-inch screen and 6GB of storage. With rumors that Apple is having trouble with their iWatch, we could be seeing a Surface watch before their device is released. 
[via The Verge]