It's finally happened: Lindsay Lohan is heading to reality television in an effort to pull her career out of the gigantic grave she's continuously dug for it over the past few years. Because, let's be real, judging by the trailerThe Canyons just isn't gonna do it.

The show will be on OWN, Oprah Winfrey's network, which means that she will be on the same channel as two Tyler Perry shows, and a reality series about those three grandmothers who watched Kim Kardashian's sex tape and tried to twerk. QUALITY.

So, here are the deets, since we know you're absolutely dying to know: The show will be an eight-episode "docu-series" (way to go make it sound fancy, guys) that follows Lohan's struggle to stay healthy and will begin filming in the next few months. It'll be kicked off by an exclusive sit-down interview between Oprah and Lohan, that will be filmed and air shortly after Lohan leaves rehab in August. The interview will also be her first one post-rehab because, for some reason, every single celebrity who's fucked up thinks that some sort of serious interview where they can look solemnly into the camera and turn on the waterworks will put them back in the public's good graces. 

This news comes only a few months after Lohan turned down an offer (and $550,000 of much-needed money) to appear on Dancing With the Stars, because she "doesn't want to do reality TV." Also worth noting—and watching, really—is Lohan's mother, Dina's reality series from 2008, Living Lohan. Lohan didn't appear on that on either because she hadn't had to resort to a Lifetime movie for her career yet at that time. Now is her chance to relive all her lost opportunities of reality TV past! 

Excuse us—"docu-series." Wink, wink. It's totally different, OK? 

Whatever you want to call it, though, it's scheduled to air some time next year. 

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[via EW]