The first dialogue-less trailer for The Canyons had us worried that SXSW insiders' criticisms that the film has an "ugliness and a deadness to it" were true, but luckily this new full length trailer for the film has both dialogue and electronic music to cover it all up, like a super great concealer make-up, or something. Unfortunately, there's no helping that clip that leaked this past January, which featured star Lindsay Lohan desperately trying not to make any noise when she searches for her phone while James Deen is sleeping, and ends up making a ton of noise anyway.

Anyway, in this new trailer--which of course touts the fact that Bret Easton Ellis is the author of the American Psycho novel and that Paul Schrader wrote Taxi Driver--Lohan is mostly featured talking about how no one sees movies in theaters anymore (how meta!), and then lying around, smoking, and looking bored like the entire trailer is one gigantic scene from her failed Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick.

James Deen barely makes an appearance, because let's be real, this movie's all about Lindsay. 

You can check out the new trailer above. The Canyons will premiere in select theaters and on some video on demand platforms on August 2nd. 

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[via Deadline]