Don Mattrick must have expensive tastes if he thinks a $500 console is a value to consumers.

According to a recently published report over on Fast Company, outgoing head of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Unit, and the very public face behind the PR nightmare that was the Xbox One, Don Mattrick lives the kind of life that would inspire envy in even the heaviest of ballers.

As head of Microsoft Interactive Unit, Mattrick amassed enough of a personal fortune to build the largest private home in British Columbia, Canada at an estimated $27 million dollars. Well if your house is going to be that swag, how about the garage?

Oh, it's a ten car garage? Filled? We're sure it's something affordable and sensible...Lambos? Lotuses? Ferrarris? Oh, Don. We had no idea you had such a refined palate. According to the rest of the article,

"Mattrick loves spectacle--he wears rainbow-stripe Paul Smith socks and once hired Cirque du Soleil to kick off a Microsoft event--but he can be painfully introverted, one of many contradictions that make the man. He’s an amiable Canadian and yet an autocratic boss; a company man and yet one who’s unafraid to speak his mind to his superiors; a division head who lives like a Saudi prince and jets to work; and a press-averse guy who likes to name-drop his celebrity friends."

Mattrick's recent move to the ailing social gaming company, Zynga had many scratching their heads, but if one thing is certain, it's not like Mattrick is going to be taking a pay-cut in the move. What can Zynga employees expect from the incoming Mattrick?

“Don is a hard-ass," says Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Morgan Securities. Xbox’s marketing head, Yusef Mehdi, goes on: “If people don’t deliver, they’ve got to go. He doesn’t have the patience for that.”

Good luck with that, Zynga! Read the rest of the article right here, it's truly fascinating and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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