If you were looking forward to seeing the whole gang (sans Chevy Chase, of course) back together at Greendale next season on Community, we've got some bad news: According to Vulture, star Donald Glover will have an extremely reduced role in the series next season, to allow him time to focus on his music. 

Under this new deal between Glover's reps and Sony, Glover will only appear as Troy Barnes in five of the season's thirteen total episodes. Apparently, the deal works for both parties better than initially expected: Glover gets more time to work on his music as Childish Gambino, and Sony manages to save money by not having to pay Glover for all thirteen episodes. There's no word on how the show will explain Troy's reduced presence.

While the prospect of new Childish Gambino music is something to get excited over, though, we can't help but feel that the timing of this is all bad: It's never clear with Community if the show is going to get another season, so if this one ends up being its last, it would be nice to have all the characters present, together. Otherwise, it just doesn't work as well, because the show is built on the dynamics between everyone in the study group. And won't someone think about what this is going to do to Abed?!

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[via Vulture]

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