The final eight episodes of Breaking Bad are steadfastly approaching, so it's surprising that AMC hasn't been rolling out much new promotional material. Sure, we got a few episode stills, some mini teasers, and a vague sort of poster, but nothing that really gives us a good look at what to expect when the first episode premieres in August—and just because we're all excited enough about the new half-season, that doesn't mean a trailer or something wouldn't be greatly appreciated.

We wre hopeful about Comic-Con, since that's generally when shows and movies pull out all the stops and reveal everything from spoilers to casting info, etc., but unfortunately, the best we got was Bryan Cranston walking into the Breaking Bad panel (and around Comic-Con) wearing a Heisenberg mask. Not saying that wasn't great, but still!

Producers did release a trailer to prepare fans for the final eight episodes (promising that "all bad things must come to an end"), but, clocking in at three minutes, it's only a compilation of the most important scenes in the series for anyone who may have missed them or wants to catch up in a few minutes as opposed to the few days it would take to rewatch the entire show. We're not saying this trailer wasn't awesome, and great to watch—because it was—but note, there are no new clips from the upcoming episodes spliced in. 

It's still cool to watch Heisenberg blow stuff up, though, but they did leave one very important scene out:

Now that that's out of the way, you can check out the recap above. Breaking Bad returns on August 11th.

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[via Indiewire]