Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Address: 1 Bedford Ave.
Price: $13 (for 3 tacos)

Chef and co-owner Ken Addington describes the crew that mans Nights and Weekends tiny kitchen as a "funny group of punk rock kids." But, not the kind that just look the part—"they're the real deal." What does this have to do with tacos? It means a fish taco that doesn't play by the rules. The elements are all there, but they've all got a playful (also, delicious) spin. Mahi Mahi is coated in panko, making for a wonderfully textured crunch. There is no sour cream here. Instead, we have a caper mayo, a salty play on tartar sauce that acts as the perfect foil to a mango and pickled habanero salsa. In lieu of traditional accouterments, N&W tops its tacos with frisée, which has more crunch and bitterness than cabbage, and adds some exciting contrast to the operation. If this is what anti-establishment tastes like, we're heading the anarchy.