Data from real estate research firm Reis, Inc. shared unsurprising information: New York City has the most expensive rental market in the country. That certainly won't raise any eyebrows, but the average rent for an apartment in the city's largest four boroughs will. Or it'll just make you cry.

In Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Manhattan, the average rent is $3,017.19 each month. This marks the first time the average rent has exceeded $3,000 since Reis began gathering data 33 years ago. San Francisco was the runner-up, with an average rent of $1,998.82, which is about a thousand dollars less and still ridiculously expensive. 

If you're appalled by this (as you should be), maybe you should consider moving to Oklahoma City. We say this because it has the cheapest market, where the average rent is just $571.03 per month. Either that, or move to Mississippi.

[via Reuters]