With WWDC kicking off on Monday (June 10), the annual developer conference from Apple is expected to be one full of major announcementschief among them the unveiling of iOS 7. 

With the rise of Samsung and the re-emergence of BlackBerry, " Apple faces real competition in brand mindshare," writes Christina Warren for Mashable.

It's still unclear just how much of an overhaul iOS will undergo, but Warren admits it could use a more refined UI, an improved iCloud, additional Siri features, and better inter-app communication. And we agree.

"If Siri is going to be more than just a 'cool demo' feature, it needs more broad support within iOS as well as third-party apps," writes Warren, adding, "It does feel time for iOS to get a more extensive and more profound makeover. That doesn't mean turning everything into a flat-UI-loving wonderland—Windows Phone has done that just fine—but it does mean getting a more modern, and in areas where it makes sense, a more consistent look."

[via Mashable]