Year Introduced: 1954
Sport: Basketball

Before the shot clock was introduced, basketball was struggling to gain any traction as a major, mainstream sport in America. Scoring was low and, much to the fans' disappointment, teams would often decide to hold the ball and stall once they were in front. After one particularly lackluster contest between the Fort Wayne Pistons and the Minneapolis Lakers ended in 19-18 "victory" for Fort Wayne, the NBA realized that they were going to be in serious trouble unless they made some changes. In 1954, the Syracuse Nationals' owner, Danny Biasone, introduced the 24-second shot clock after experimenting with the idea during his team's scrimmages. In 1953, the year before the league adopted the clock, scoring averaged a mere 79 PPG. Thanks to the change, that number jumped to 93 PPG only one year later, and the NBA has never looked back since.