Swery65 may not be a household name even among the avant-garde elite of bizarre Japanese game designers, but his new Xbox One game, D4 looks insane. Making its very surprising debut at Microsoft’s press conference earlier this week, D4 is an episodic adventure game about a private eye who has the ability to travel back in time in certain instances.

The protagonist is trying to solve the murder of his wife, but the real kicker is that even though he can return to the past, he knows that there’s nothing he can do to change his wife’s inalterable fate. The game has been designed for the Kinect, but Swery revealed at E3 that if you want you can play D4 with a controller instead.

D4 also hits that sweet spot of goofy, borderline nonsensical dialogue. Which should come as no surprise, considering that Swery’s previous game, the Twin Peaks love letter Deadly Premonition, had some of the weirdest exchanges we’ve seen in a video game.

Check out the hilariously brief trailer below.

Via Microsoft Studios