We can already hear your protests rising up in a chorus from the rooftops all over the city: yes, rooftop parties are dope. But, rooftop parties are to the young urban professional as candy is to a child: you want to take in as many as you can, but eventually, they make you sick. There are only so many summer evenings one can spend swilling PBR and enduring endless noise complaints from apartment residents. Every one of these things plays out pretty much the same way. You walk up at least seven flights of stairs because there is never an elevator, then you climb out a window onto a roof that is sticky with tar. You take in what would be a breathtaking view if it weren't obstructed by newer, more expensive high-rises, and you listen to a DJ whose equipment malfunctions within 15 minutes. Music you can barely hear is played from a Macbook Pro for the rest of the night until the party ends early because of a noise complaint.

We have to admit, you do feel something special for a brief moment, as you stare out at the impressive skyline. You feel like the city is yours for the taking...for the glorious hour and fifteen minutes between when you get there and when the party gets shut down.