With the release of Microsoft's Kinect and Nintendo's Wii, fitness virtual fitness trainers have come along way from early morning TV and infomercials. But alas, those of us who avoid working out have a new excuse to not exercise. The battery in the controller is dead, there's not enough room for the Kinect camera to be accurate, there's too much hardware to buy for that game can no longer work as TNA Impact's own Jeff Hardy along with along with personalized guidance from Certified Master Trainer Larry Johnston have released the TNA Always Evolve fitness app to get gamers into shape. Now, if you know where your phone or tablet is, you have no reason to miss a workout. We hate you Jeff.

If you're not already familiar with the name Jeff Hardy, he's one of the most athletic pro-wrestlers to perform in a ring in the past few decades. This guy has been slammed through tables, bounced off of concrete floors after leaping from towering ladders, you name it. The fact that he's still able to walk a city block is amazing. 

The combination of Jeff and Larry Johnston make an awesome app if you're looking for something simple and to the point. Mind you, you're not going to get the full home console experience from a phone/tablet app but it's pretty feature-full. While teaching proper form of workout routines, TNA Always Evolve provides additional information on when to take water breaks, a nutrition guide and a section where you can set your weight loss or muscle gaining goals. 

The coolest thing about TNA Always Evolve is that although it features a celebrity, it doesn't come off as just another vanity title. The routines are practical and don't feel like you're one bad stretch away from a trip to the E.R. At the same time, it's not so elementary that you feel like you're doing baby yoga. For five bucks, TNA Always Evolve is well worth the download. Just don't fool yourself into thinking you're ready for a pro-wrestling career right after.

TNA Always Evolve is available now for iOS ($2) here and Android ($2) here.

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