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In an unfortunate case of mistaken identity, a New Jersey woman was savagely beaten by Miami prostitutes who thought she was a rival hooker invading their territory. Anna Burgese, 34, was staying at Miami's W Hotel when the ravenous gang attacked her. Burgese and her successful home-builder husband John were simply enjoying their time in Miami, which they visit frequently.

Burgese filed a federal lawsuit against the five-star hotel, claiming that employees stood by and watched as the angry prostitutes slammed her face into a stone wall. Her husband was forced to fight them off with his crutches. Worse, the Miami Police Department was quite casual about the incident when Burgese reported it to them. 

Local authorities were not at all surprised by the ordeal, informing Burgese that her attackers were "likely drunk or on drugs and mistakenly thought Anna was a prostitute." Because that apparently happens all the time. The lawsuit also alleges that  hotel employees provided the prostitutes with a getaway vehicle, and that police have been dragging their feet with the investigation.

Prostitution has become one of Miami's most powerful industries in recent years. Unfortunately for the completely innocent Burgese, stiff competition has driven women of the night to extreme measures. However, when the victims aren't even part of the game, the game is all fucked up.

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