Google's quest to expand has just hit high gear: the company is spending $1.6 billion on its new London-based headquarters, which will span the length of three and a half football fields.

The building, which was designed by architecture firm Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, will be across from London's King's Cross St. Pancras Station (aka Platform 9 3/4, for Harry Potter fans), a major hub that connects London to France, Belgium, and Scotland. The new headquarters will be 11 storeys tall and will be environmentally friendly. Yet, Google's presence there will not only assist their plans to takeover the world, but will benefit London as well. The building will host a ton of restaurants, stores and cafes, which will help draw (even) more tourists to King's Cross. London wants to make King's Cross an international center for business and culture and Google is paving the way for that to happen. Google's castle in the Land of Castles should be done by 2017. 

[via The Verge]