It seems like new iOS 7 features are being found everyday thanks to beta users, and some of them have been coolsome not so cool.

The latest uncovered feature: head gestures. That's right. This means you'll be able to start Siri, open the Notification Center, select the App Switcher, or control volume on your iPhone or iPad by swiping your head left or right. You might be asking, "why would anyone choose to control a phone with their head when we have fingers?" Well, the feature is in the "Accessibility" section of the phone's settings, so it's primarily meant to help out the disabled—and in that department, it's a pretty nifty addition. But as it develops, the feature could be used for a broader audience and may be a sign of good things to come for iPad and iPhone owners. As of now, the head-based gestures work rather slowly when it comes to choosing apps (as you can see in the above video). If you're feeling lazy, though, it just might be the perfect speed.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]