Video games are a great tool for selling many things. The best of them can sell ideas, emotions, and sometimes even unique viewpoints. With such powerful engagement, it’s no wonder then that marketing companies have been trying to use video games to sell products for decades. We’re not talking about the usual movie tie-in games, or the odd branded content within an otherwise regular game; marketers have funded production of entire video games devoted to the brands and products they’re paid to promote.

Naturally, most of these are absolute rubbish as they’re the equivalent of 20 hour long interactive commercials. Even worse, you’re paying for the privilege of having brand messaging shoved down your throat the entire time. Occasionally though, through all the horrid pleas for your dollars, a few of these playable advertisements wind up having a smidge of fun within them. Because of that, we'd like to celebrate these 10 Company Branded Video Games That Didn't Suck.

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