Director: Robert Klane
Stars: Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman, Terry Kiser, Barry Bostwick, Troy Bailey

As if the concept behind 1989's Weekend at Bernie's wasn't ludicrous enough. Four years after the shamefully funny dead-guy-seems-alive comedy, all of the original actors returned for the standard paycheck sequel; only for the second go-round, they were too clever for their own good.

Gone are all of the physical comedy bits involving two dumbasses (Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman) propping up a corpse to give off the impression that the stiff is alive; in place of the physical creativity, however, is a voodoo subplot that causes the flat-lined Bernie to walk toward a treasure whenever the dead man hears music.

Weekend at Bernie's 2 ends with the lively corpse riding on the back of a shark, into the sunset and out of the pop culture conscience. Where he (or it?) should remain from here on out.