French horror filmmaker Alexandra Aja was clearly the perfect man for the job when it came to remaking Joe Dante's campy 1978 film Piranha. Using 3D technology, Aja and his longtime collaborator Gregory Levasseur delivered on every promise: The gore was plentiful, the female spring break attendees were all buxom and scantily clad, and there was an extended, underwater naked ballet sequence performed by two porn star characters.

OK, so that last element wasn't exactly expected, but it was certainly appreciated. Played by the incredibly busty English model Kelly Brook and real-life porno actress Riley Steele, Piranha 3D's duo of Danni and Crystal are two aspiring thespians who think a bootleg, wannabe Girls Gone Wild video will be their big break. So, down for whatever their sleazy director (Jerry O'Connell) wants them to do, they remove their tops and let the twins feel the salt water as they perform an aquatic ballet routine that'd make Mikhail Baryshnikov's tights rip.