Director: Stuart Baird
Stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, Robert Downey, Jr., Joe Pantoliano

Though 1993's The Fugitive was sold as Harrison Ford's movie, it really belonged to his co-star Tommy Lee Jones. As the steadfast deputy hot on Ford's heels, Jones filled the character with more than enough personality to turn the tired "hard-nosed authority figure" stock role into a fleshed-out and sympathetic antihero.

So it made sense to focus a sequel on his character and not Ford's; in fact, it was pretty ingenious. That is, until the team behind U.S. Marshals decided to turn his character, Sam Girard, into a indistinguishable action hero. Alongside Wesley Snipes, Jones does nothing but run, jump, and shoot in the midst of one frantic explosion and near-death event after another.

Fifty-two years old at the time, Jones doesn't look a day over 51 years old throughout the physically grueling yet emotionally catatonic U.S. Marshals.