Yeah, your phone can survive a drop on the pavement, maybe even two, but if it comes in contact with water—instant death. So it's a hard balance when it comes to going down for a swim at the beach: should you leave your phone in the car and risk missing a text from your girl? Hide it under your towel while you're in the water? If you choose the latter, that means you'll be keeping an eye on your phone for any thieves while keeping track of the next big wave. 

Luckily, Stash Incorporated has come up with the great idea of incorporating a waterproof pocket in their beach shorts that can protect your keys, phone and anything else you put in. They aren't available just yet: the company is attempting to raise $135,000 on Kickstarter to begin production. But if they reach their goal in the next month, you could be seeing these shorts just in time for summer. 

[via Mashable]