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There goes the neighborhood. A flock of young women eager to erase tan lines at playgrounds in NYC's Stuy Town have made enemies out of mothers concerned that their children are getting advanced lessons in anatomy. As temperatures climb, rampant side boob has forced moms to cover their children's eyes while plagued with bitter memories of their youth. 

Security guards filled with regret have asked sunbathers to leave after complaints from a kid's soccer league. Soccer moms were pissed; soccer days not so much. Katie Friedman, a 23-year-old Hofstra University grad and resident since August, says "a body is a body" and those with complaints "need to get over themselves." You're only 23 once, Katie. That's a jagged pill for some people to swallow.

Friedman believes that for what she pays in rent, she should be able to tan when she feels the need. Some tenants are pissed that the $3,555 it can cost to rent a one bedroom at the development isn't scaring the young and free-spirited away. 

While we wouldn't exactly call the display of skin during warm weather tasteless, we can at least understand why parents may be upset. Still, it's fun to sit on the sideline and watch how this fight plays out.

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