What do you really need in a commencement address? First, you need a speaker who will impress for her/his success. The audience should be in awe of this person's accomplishments, should hang on their every word. The speaker should offer sound advice that can be put into practice by the eager young people in attendance. It should be so full of inspiration, everyone should want to take notes.

When you a university can't make that happen, though, they'll hire an actor. What's Steve Carell up to? Does he have some time to spare to tell jokes to Ivy Leaguers, make 'em all feel confident and at ease with the prestige of their new degrees? You betcha.

Not all commencement addresses are dull, hollow things that fail to fulfill the aforementioned criteria. Some of them are quite nice, really. Now, let's see what happens when you put those words into practice?

Let's predict your future based on advice from 15 celebrity commencement addresses.

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