The 76th Precinct covers Brooklyn neighborhoods Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill and they have some wise words for local residents: Don't leave valuables in your cars. On Tuesday night, Captain Jeffrey Schiff spoke at a community council meeting and explained that officers will photograph cars where iPads, iPhones and other assorted possessions are exposed to send a message. That message is that you're an idiot for leaving these things out in the open.

The New York Post says that officers will then try to locate the owner, or "they will snap a picture from the sidewalk. Using the car's license place to track down the owner's address, the precinct then sends the owner a flyer that says 'if we spot it, so can thieves' — and the picture taken by the cops."

This new initiative (if you can even call it that) is motivated by the fact that there were 541 unattended property thefts in the precinct in 2012 and 510 in 2011. Use your brains, Brooklynites.

[via Gothamist]