This is why you don't eat cocaine, regardless of the quantity. 65-year-old Florida native Norman Mosch almost died after a friend convinced him it was wise to swallow over two pounds of cocaine. Mosch and Leslie McLeary planned to take a cruise to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, and McLearly sold Mosch on the idea of swallowing 87 baggies of coke.

During their Dec. 2012 trip, they met a drug dealer named "Rob Roy" and then decided to swallow the cocaine pellets in a hotel room. However, Mosch wasn't aware that McLeary went the safer route: stashing the drugs in his rectum. 

Mosch was sick for the duration of the cruise, and  McLeary took him to his Boynton Beach home and supplied him with laxatives in an effort to liberate the drugs. However, police happened upon Mosch, lying in McLeary's driveway on Christmas Eve; he was barely alive after one of the bag's exploded in his stomach.

He was taken to the hospital where he passed one of the bags anally, 82 were removed during surgery and the remaining four were found in his colostomy bag post-surgery. Now that he's feeling better, both he and McLeary will head to court for federal drug conspiracy charges.

So yeah, don't swallow cocaine. You might have a near death experience and go to jail.

[via Miami New Times]