The entire country is searching for answers following the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon that have left over a hundred people injured and three dead. The online forum 4chan has posted images that have sparked multiple theories about the bombings and may have identified possible suspects.

After the FBI released bomb details, an image was posted to 4chan showing a man standing in the crowd wearing a backpack similar to the one in the photo released by the agency. Other images (seen below) were posted showing a man with a backpack standing near the spot of the explosion, but the backpack seems to vanish in another photo. However, these images show a different man carrying what appears to be a different backpack.

Keep in mind that this is all speculation, so let's not condemn the men in the photos before we have a reason to. Remember that these are real people who have now been implicated by the Internet, not suspects who authorities have taken into custody or questioned.

The thirst for justice is a natural response in the wake of a tragedy, but let's allow the professionals to handle that. This may or may not assist them in doing so.

[via Imgur and Anorak]

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