When you find yourself in jail while dressed as Cookie Monster, it's about time to reevaluate your life. Yesterday afternoon, a man in a Cookie Monster costume was arrested in Times Square for allegedly shoving a 2-year-old boy while arguing with the child's mother over $2. 

According to the NYPD, 33-year-old Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez posed for a picture with the boy, then ordered his mother to pay up. When the woman refused, the monster came right out of Quiroz-Lopez, as he swatted the boy out of the way in the midst of a screaming match with his mother.

Quiroz-Lopez was arrested and charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child. While he clearly lacks ethics, he's nowhere near as bad as the Anti-Semitic Elmo, aka Adam Sandler (not that Adam Sandler).

[via NY Daily News]

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