We’re not going to say don’t use Bing altogether, but we are saying that you should think twice before you click on something you found via Bing. Microsoft’s search engine was part of an 18-month study conducted by AV-Test , which revealed that it produces around five times more malware than Google.

What does this mean for your computer? Essentially that you are five times more likely to click on a website that will damage your computer when using Bing rather than Google. The study utilized seven different search engines and considered a total of 40 million websites in the study.

Out of the 40 million sites, AV-Test found 5,000 pieces of malware. Technically, that’s an overall small number. However, 1,285 of those malicious results came from Bing as oppose to the 272 that stemmed from Google. Of all the search engines tested, Google fared the best.

[via Gizmodo