Method preparation wasn't necessary for Channing Tatum to gear up for Magic Mike, as the actor'd already put in his time on the pole. After dropping out of college, Tatum took the stage name Chan Crawford, after attempts to get more conventional gigs proved fruitless.

Though his rise from from dancing on laps to starring in films directed by Steven Soderbergh is certainly a feel-good story, some of his old co-workers are a bit bitter about his recent success.

A number of fellow strippers from back in the day have come forward, accusing Tatum of stealing their moves to create some of Mike's magic. Tatum doesn't romanticize his days in ass-less chaps, even if some of his fans might. He said, "I was young and dumb and stupid and wanted to make a little money. You can work ten hours a day for minimum wage—that's the opportunities for kids without a college education."