Saturday Night Live is one of the longest running shows in television history—we're talking 38 seasons. That's 38 years, that's since 1975. Lets put that in perspective: 38 years ago you'd spend one dollar for a movie ticket to see Jaws. Gas was like 50 cents or something. Your parents had long hair and thought about motorcycles and tattoos. Rashida Jones was conceived. 

Through the highs and the lows of SNL's almost four-decade run, one thing is certain: it's not going anywhere. The late night variety show has created some wonderful sketches and churned out some incredible talent. Everyone has a favorite cast—you remember discovering them, they were your introduction to SNL. 

But there are some characters that transcend the generation they preformed for. Somehow, everyone, regardless of age, knows these characters, their catchphrases, and their image. Our hypothesis is when SNL creates a great character, somehow scientists etch it into our DNA. Seriously, say "What is love?" to someone, and they'll respond by bobbing their head violently and finish with, "Baby don't hurt me." Simply say, "Da Bears," aloud in a sports bar and people will reflexively raise their icy mugs and in union chant, "Daaaa Bears." 

To honor these timeless classics who've made us laugh throughout the years, we present The 30 Most Iconic Saturday Night Live Characters, in GIFS.

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