Network: NBC
Air Dates: September 23, 1992-May 24, 1999
Stars: Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt

Mad About You defined "dry, white sitcom." Just hearing the name "Paul Reiser" makes your hands ashy. Reiser and Helen Hunt (who was just nominated for an Oscar this year) played a New York couple whose random meeting blossomed into an uninteresting relationship. Even though it was quite popular during its seven-season run on NBC, Mad About You always felt like a very poor man's Seinfeld, and nowhere near as engaging.

Where Seinfeld was hilarious, Mad About You was its blander, irritating cousin. As for Reiser and Hunt, they played your standard white television couple (money not an issue, nice apartment, mildly boring friends), only with less personality than normal. Honestly, they could've been played by two blank pieces of printer paper and been more colorful.

Still, Mad About You did a very good job of making viewers forget about what a prick Reiser was in Aliens.

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