It's been a longtime coming, but starting next month, T-Mobile will finally carry the Apple iPhone.

At a press event today in New York City, the fourth largest wireless carrier in the U.S. announced that starting April 12, it will begin selling Apple's best-selling handset. Upon launch, the iPhone 5 will run on T-Mobile's fledgling high-speed LTE network, which went live today in seven U.S. cities. 

When the phone goes on sale, customers who qualify will be able to get it for much cheaper price than other carriers offer: $99. This is done as part of T-Mobile's Uncarrier push which allows customers to either buy the phone outright for its full price, or pay a discounted price and pay the rest in $20 monthly installments over a two-year span. The iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 will also be available under the Uncarrier plan for $69.99 and $14.99, respectively. 

[via The Verge]