Many DJs hate it when you make requests (unless the request comes with a tip), so don't take it personal if they turn your request down, or just quietly play you. Three Pittsburgh mena father and his two sonswere arrested for attacking a bouncer and starting a fight when a DJ refused to honor one of their song requests. Blame it on the alcohol.

50-year-old Dion Daye, Sr. was charged along with 29-year-old Dion Daye, Jr. and 25-year-old Dorian Daye with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct for beating an unarmed security guard at club Savoy last weekend. After the fightwhich involved glasses being thrownwas over, all three of the Daye men were carted off to jail.

The family was celebrating Daye, Jr.'s birthday. He'll never forget this one.

[via The Huffington Post]