Most Overrated Feature: Gambling
Most Overrated Person: Any washed-up star headlining a casino
Most Overrated Moment: When you convinced yourself that what happened there stayed there

If your economic thrust is based on all the debaucherous things bros can do when frittering away their life savings, your city may need to rethink itself. It looks like that time is coming for Las Vegas, as the gaming industry struggles with the rise of online gambling and other cities are jumping on the casino bandwagon as a bulwark for their local economy.

Though we're sure that many of you, in your drunker moments, have fantasized about what it would be like to live in Vegas, locals report a tough lot for anyone who wants to work outside of the customer service industry. With an unemployment rate hovering around 12%, even casino jobs are scarce, and social services like transit and health care leave residents wanting. One local writer, struggling to come up with the ten best things about the city (after listing gambling and entertainment in the top five), opted to choose "ease of suicide" for the number nine slot. 

As of press time, the worst thing about living in Las Vegas was dealing with the idiotic behavior of you and your boys when you visit Sin City. Please stop, you're embarrassing yourselves.

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