Always a bridesmaid, never a bride and consistently insane.

Theresa Burden, a nursing school student in Connecticut, was so infuriated that she wasn't invited to a classmate's wedding that she threatened to blow up a hospital. Actually, she went the extra mile—she sent St. Vincent's Hospital a green substance and a letter threatening to blow it up.

The 37-year-old Burden was charged with first degree threatening after sending a series of letters to the hospital. According to local police, Burden sent the first letter to St. Vincent's nursing school under another student's name. In the letter, she reportedly threatened to blow the place up because it was "interfering with the student's wedding plans."

Initially, the woman who was getting married was suspended, but police quickly realized that more letters were appearing that were signed by other students. One note, accompanied by a white swab, reportedly read "Get some MRSA and die."

Police were finally able to identify Burden after asking each student to submit a writing sample. Burden eventually confessed to penning the letters, and explained that the menacing green substance was simply cat litter. Some people's obsession with marriage can be frightening, especially when they aren't the ones getting married.

[via Gothamist]