Yesterday, Chicago Public Schools announced plans to close 54 schools and 61 buildings in order to address its $1 billion budget deficit . This sweeping move is the "largest single group of school closings in U.S. history," and will affect some 30,000 students. The move has drawn understandable objections from parents, politicians and teachers. 

According to CPS principals, the decision has "no rhyme or reason," and will have the biggest impact on poor students from the city's West and South sides. Yesterday afternoon, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis called the move "outrageous" during a press conference at Mahalia Jackson Elementary. She also referred to Mayor Rahm Emanuel as a "murder mayor."

Basically, the city has decided the best way to deal with its budget deficit is to put  tens of thousands of children at risk. Click here for a full list of school closings.

[via Chicagoist]

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