If you've accidentally worn shorts in freezing temperatures or left the house with puffer jacket in 50 degree weather, perhaps you need a new temperature app—or the Netatmo Weather Station.

The three-piece set, which comes with a mobile app and indoor/outdoor modules, gives you the power to monitor your environment. (That means you'll never be stumped by the weather again). Whether it's curiosity, love of meteorology or your inner know-it-all calling, you'll finally have the tools to accurately read and graph your surroundings. An important perk: Daily temperature readings aren't coming from a park or an airport two counties away, but rather from your own backyard or apartment balcony.

The traditional outdoor module (battery powered) gives you temperature and humidity readings right on your tablet or smartphone device. The indoor module (compatible with standard USB ports) gives you insight to what's going on inside your home including the temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, carbon dioxide and sound levels.

[via Uncrate]