Some people just don't know when to walk away. Penelope Soto, 18, found herself at a bond hearing inside of a Miami-Dade County courtroom on Monday to face charges of Xanax possession. Despite the severity of the situation, Soto found it to be quite humorous. Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat had a few jokes of his own.

"It's not a joke, you know, we're not in a club now," he told her after she laughed off his question about the cost of her jewelry. He was even less thrilled when she responded "I'm serious about it, you just made me laugh" and that the jewelry is "worth a lot of money."

Because Rodriguez-Chomat just had to have an exact figure, he pressed on. Soto replied "like Rick Ross," which flew right over the judge's head. Rodriguez-Chomat asked if she was on drugs. She replied "no," but not before the judge could set her bond at $5,000. 

Soto offered an "adios" rather than a simple "goodbye" (or nothing at all), so Rodriguez-Chomat ordered her to return so he could add $5,000 more to her bond. Just before exiting, Soto flipped him the bird and said "fuck you."

Rodriguez-Chomat didn't like that, so he hit her with a 30 day jail sentence for contempt of court. Attempting to get the last word in rarely benefits anyone.

[via Gawker]