Bill Walsh College Football was released in June of 1993, several years after Madden had already achieved a degree of mainstream success. With regret for Bill Walsh, the powers that be renamed the series College Football USA in 1995 and eventually NCAA Football in 1997. If there's a silver lining for Walsh, it's that he'll be remembered as an actual coach rather than a bloated videogame mascot.

Before this season when they inexplicably removed it you could import your draft class from NCAA into Madden and follow your "amateurs" through their pro careers as well.Even with that change the bottom line is NCAA is every bit as competent as Madden and even excels in some areas. For football gaming fans, the choice is which league do you prefer? And, for better or worse, the NFL is king. Anybody who has enjoyed NCAA over the past two decades owes a degree of gratitude to Madden. It's hard to imagine the series being greenlit without the success of its NFL counterpart.