Played By: Kevin Dillon

We've all watched more Entourage than we'd like to admit. The male fantasy show was junkfood for so many of us. You'd digest half a season, ruin your appetite, and feel terrible about yourself.

Looking back on the show, one of the biggest problems was that the characters were deluding themselves, not just the audience. Turtle, E, and Vince lacked self-awareness, and when it looked like they would get even the smallest dose of reality, things got better for them before lessons could be learned.

But there was pathos to Dillon's work as Drama. Though he walked with the swagger of a more successful man, viewers understood that life had chewed him up and spit him out, and that his pose was a reaction to that. Where he was on the show, he was just happy to drink deep from a well that he knows all too well is going to run dry sooner or later.