Twitter Handle: @pizzanachos69; @DadBoner

You likely know Mike Burns for his Twitter alter-ego @DadBoner. Burns narrates the life of Karl Welzein, a divorced, middle-aged, sometimes employed party animal who's always looking for a good time. Unfortunately for Karl, that good time usually involves one too many beers or "margs," and disastrous results. Whether Karl finds himself at a party with crazed Juggalos or debates whether or not he should make the trek to New York to check out Guy Fieri's restaurant, the epic story of Mr. Welzein never ceases to amaze.

As Burns is a stand-up comic and writer independent of @DadBoner, we'd love to see what he would come up when provided with a more expansive form. We wouldn't mind if it was live-action @DadBoner though, you guys.