With the second season of Girls underway and the first season of The Mindy Project rolling along with a steady cast of comedy's finest, it's a major time for women on television. In particular, single women. Gone are the days when Sex and the City was the only television reference men had for understanding the opposite sex. Now there's a slew of shows that portray the lives of unattached women. 

So what can men glean from all of these story lines? What do they teach the males of America about the women they could potentially date? Quite a bit, actually. To make the comprehension process easier, Complex watched every episode ever of New Girl, The Mindy Project, Girls, Happy Endings, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and The New Normal and plotted all the data points to create a massive, interactive, 3D chart with flashing lights and customized sounds.

Just kidding. What Complex really did was organize all the information into 10 Lessons Men Can Learn About Single Women From Sitcoms. Get your notebook and pencil out. It's time for class. 

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