Toy Story was a groundbreaking film when it was first released in 1995, especially given it was the first feature-length computer animated movie. And now, almost 20 years after its release, two amateur auteur's have revamped the film by remaking it with live actors and toys.

Filmmakers Jonason Pauley, 19, and Jesse Perrotta, 21, have worked on the Toy Story remake for almost two years. The project, which was initially just a couple of clip remakes, increased in popularity, enticing the duo to film the whole movie in September 2011. 

The film was completed last August and is now available on YouTube, with Pixar's blessing. The studio also allowed the pair to hand out DVD copies of the film outside Pixar's HQ. Talk about showing love.

Best of all? Since its debut on YouTube on Saturday, the film has received nearly two million views. 

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