Yet again, a plan to extract the THC from marijuana has resulted in an explosion, and this time it sent three men to the hospital. The trio was hard at work attempting to extract marijuana's primary psychoactive ingredient yesterday morning when they accidentally triggered an explosion so powerful that it blew the roof off of the room where they were working.

According to Monrovia Police Sgt. Nick Manfredi, "We believe the burn victims were using butane to make Butane Honey Oil extract, the THC from marijuana plants." Manfredi adds that the main danger in THC extraction is butane because it's highly flammable. He also says that people without formal training put themselves at great risk because they're often not in the correct environment for the process.

The three feaux chemists suffered severe burns, and two other people in the house who were unaware of the activities were not injured.

[via LAist]