Andrew Sims, founder of Hypable, has a fairly logical Twitter handle. His last name is Sims. His Twitter is @Sims. Simple, right?

Apparently not. Sims wrote on Hypable today that he gets mistaken for some sort of sentient incarnation of the actual game, The Sims, on a fairly regular basis. Since most tweeters delete their messages to him once they realize that he is a human who has nothing to do with The Sims (besides apparently loving it), he's begun compiling them on his site.

Here are some of our favorites (not to mention the absolute gem above):

Thank you for the best flu season activity my son & I can enjoy together!

That one would be cute if it was directed at the actual @TheSims3 account. As it is it's just kind of weird.


Sims is now providing tech support apparently.

What kind of cake take 24 hours to make? Smh

We're shaking our heads too, @DiannaGleeks, despite the validity of your question. We think the lesson to take away from this is simple: make sure you know who you're tweeting at. It takes, like, five seconds to do a quick search and double check. See, the one you're looking for is the one that just tweeted to @Sims, "Where can I buy The Sims 3?"

Wait, what?

We're suddenly really glad that our Twitter handle isn't @TheWarZ.

[via Hypable]